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Friday, 5 February 2010

The story of Adi-Ana

As usual Adi, Director of a company in Jakarta, arrived at his home at 9 tonight. No, as usual, Ana, age 9 years, opened the door for her. It seems he sdh waited long enough. "Kok, blm to sleep?" Adi said, kissing her.
Ana sdh usually asleep when he came home and just woke up when he would go to the office
"I waited for Dad to go home. Because I want to ask how the hell salary Daddy?" "Ok. You count yourself well. Every day Papa worked about 10 hours & paid Rp.400rb, rata2 each month, 22 days, sometimes still overtime Saturday. How much salary hayo Daddy? "

"Kalo Papa paid 1 day Rp.400rb u / 10 hrs, then 1 hour paid Rp.40rb dong Daddy" she said "Well, you clever. Now wash your feet, sleep" command Adi. Ana again asked, "Daddy, I can borrow Rp.5rb not?" "Sdh, no need variety. Why ask for money late night . Sleep." But Papa | "Patience Adi was gone" Papa told me to sleep! "He barked . She ran to her room sadly.

After the bath, Adi regretted snapped, she looked in her bedroom was sobbing, holding Rp.15rb. As I stroked her head, Adi said, "Papa forgive well, as I love her. But what the hell asked for money at night?

"Papa, I'm not asking for money. I'm just borrowing. Later I return after saving again from this week pocket money" "Yes, yes, but for what?" Adi asked softly

"I waited for Dad from 8 hours to take Dad to play snake ladder. only 30 minutes . Mama always said that when Papa was very valuable. So, I'm going to change when Papa. I open my saving, there is only because Papa Rp.15rb paid USD 1 hour .40 rb then 1 / 2 hours I had to change Rp.20rb. Rp.5rb Money savings is less, so I want to borrow from Papa "she said innocently

Adi fell silent. he lost kata2. He held the little boy dng erat2 emotion. He had realized, was an abundance of wealth reply he gave for this, for insufficient "buy" happiness children.
"To the world you're just someone, but for someone you are his WORLD"

Source email Enny Hasan Koehler

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