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Sunday, 28 February 2010

For My Wife

Four years ago, an accident had taken my beloved people, I often wonder how my wife is now in the heavenly world, are good? He must be very sad because her husband had left sorang incapable of taking care of the house and a child who is still so small. That's how I feel, because all this time I felt that I had failed, could not meet the physical and spiritual needs of my child, and failed to become a father and mother for my children.
On one day, there are important matters in the workplace, I had to leave the office, my son was still asleep. Ohhh ... I need to provide a meal for him. Because there was still some rice, so I was frying eggs for her makan.Setelah tell my kids that still sleepy, then I rushed off to work.
I lead a double role, makes my energy totally drained. One day when I got home from work I felt very tired, after working all day. Just a quick hug and kiss my son, I immediately went into the bedroom, and missed dinner. However, when I lay down on the bed with the intent to eliminate fatigue napping, suddenly I felt something was broken and spilled like a warm liquid! I opened the blanket and ..... that is where the source of problem ... a bowl of instant noodles broken with the mess on the sheets and blankets! Oh ... God! I was so angry, I took the coat hanger, and immediately showered my daughter was happy playing with her play, with the blows! She just cried, asking not one bit of compassion, he only gave a brief explanation:
"Dad, did I feel hungry and no longer remaining rice. But he has not home, so I want to cook instant noodle. I remember, my father once said not to touch or use a gas stove with no adults around, so I started the engine of this drinking water and use hot water to cook noodles. One for dad and one for me .. Because I'm afraid mie'nya will be cold, so I was under saving blankets to keep warm until the father came home. But I forgot to remind my father because I was playing with my toys ... I'm sorry Dad ... " Immediately, tears began streaming down my cheeks ... However, I do not want to My kid saw her father cry so I ran to the bathroom and crying by turning on the shower in the bathroom to cover my cries.
After a while, I approached my son, hugged him tightly and gave him medicine for blow dipantatnya scars, and I persuaded to sleep. Then I clean up the spill noodles in place tidur.Ketika it was over and after midnight, I passed my son's room, and saw my son was crying, not because of pain in ass, but because he was looking at pictures of loved mommy.
One year passed since the incident, I tried, in this period, to focus by giving him the love of a father and a mother's affection, and attention to his every need. Imperceptibly, my son was seven years old, and will be graduating from kindergarten. Fortunately, the incident did not leave the bad memories of his childhood and he had grown up with happily. But ... not long ago, I've hit my son again, I really sorry ....
Kindergarten teacher called me and told his childhood that my children absent from school. I came home early from work, I hope he can explain. But he was not there at home, I went looking around our house, memangil her name and eventually found himself in a stationery shop, playing computer games with joy. I was angry, take it home and peppered him with blows. He was silent and then said, "I'm sorry, Dad". After a while I find out, he was absent from the show "talent show" held by the school, because the reply is invited students to his mother. And that's why a ketidakhadiranny because he did not have a mother ......
A few days after the punishment with cane blow, my son came home telling me, that taught disekolahnya began menulis.Sejak how to read and then, my son more locked himself in his room to practice writing, which I'm sure, if my wife was there and saw it he will feel proud, of course he makes me proud, too!
Time passed by so quickly, one year has passed. When it is winter, and Christmas Day has arrived. Christmas spirit is everywhere also at the heart of every passer-by passers ... Christmas carols around the corners of the street sounds .... but gosh, my son made the problem again. When I was in jobs menyelasaikan last days of work, suddenly calling the post office. Since sending the letter is experiencing its peak, the postman also busy-busy, their mood became less good.
They call me mad, to tell you that my son has sent several letters without addresses. Although I had promised to never hit my child again, but I could not resist the temptation to hit him again, because I feel that this child is completely outrageous. . But once again, as before, he apologized: "Sorry, Dad". No extra one word to explain his reasons to do it.
After that I went to the post office to pick up the mail without the address and then go home. When she got home, I angrily pushed into the corner of my child to question him, let alone this stupid act? What were led by? The answer, in the middle of the sob-sob, is: "The letters to mommy .....".
Suddenly my eyes filled with tears. .... but I tried to control my emotions and kept asking him: "But why do you post so many letters, at the same time?" My answer was: "I have written a letter for mommy for a long time, but every time I want to reach the box, too high for me, so I was not able to post my letters. But recently, when I returned to the box post, I could reach the box and I sent it at once ". After hearing this explanation, I'm lost for words, I'm confused, not knowing what I should do, and what should I say ....

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