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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Haddad Alwi lyrics ft Ebith Beat A - Rindu Ku Muhammad

For the sake of your love O God
At Thy prophet Muhammad
Forgive my sins
Manifest hope
Ya Rasullallah

Who's in love with the prophet
It must be happy in life

Muhammadku Muhammadku hear my call
I miss you I miss Muhammadku

You who claim to love to nabimu
You who claim to miss nabimu
If you really love and longing to Muhammad nabimu
Obey His commands, prohibitions leave his
Model moral
Undoubtedly one day you'll meet Rasullallah
Undoubtedly one day you'll gather with Rasullallah
You're taught to love this life
Bear in my heart since the early kuamalkan

You are the prophet, the bearer of love
You guide us menjuju heaven

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