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Friday, 12 March 2010

Reflections ...

It's one of the posts temen mudah2 an email ... could be useful ...:)

Just sharing about view life.

Yesterday morning market shopping I buy chicken , suddenly chicken sellers are asked the same
(ordinary people, even tend to plebeian, sorry ya not mean insulting only see from the cover)
occupies a small wooden table, the chicken was cuman some

he nanya: Mom, I'm sorry mother lived where? I replied in a green valley, Lippo.
she ask again: reply at home Lippo to expensive, I bought a house
but I could only installallment 10 million a month ...

Gubrak!! (I stared straight nih .....) not wrong, I've noticed more women
that, she said again: she said: if people like me may live
there, so not far if sale but safe environment.

I immediately said: may mam, if you want to see home , i will look for you
while I have a few

we took off, along the journey that mam reply stories lucky
The net daily 1 million, 300 thousand she donation to poor people (she said: I don't spend lot of money, make dining n living
both me and husband have more than enough, My kids all independent)
the rest he tube, she had deceived people but 90 million is returned
God with more results.

Our clay several houses in Lippo, and he went into the house I was selling with
footwear manytimes removed and apologized for the smell of chicken, I reached
moved, this mam , the rich but very simple

And she immediately yesterday deal with homes worth 280 million, 150 million and DP
the remainder in installments over 12 x

Subhanallah, during the drive home I never stop thinking that Mam, not because a lot of money but because thin how often
we are lulled by the cover of one, sometimes even the appearance of our
humiliate them.
I am so ashamed, sometimes we ride prestige but money go anywhere, at wallet only 20 rebu
While the mam go anywhere ride ojeg, looks shabby and smell of chicken, but
savings much and he is still very concerned with other people.

I thought that mam it was a real happy person, can live without the prestige
but know what her wishes.

Hopefully we can learn a lesson from this story
Do not judge a book by its cover

Novi Diah S

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