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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Vespa Trend Abroad

Deeba father now have a vespa, he is currently a trend in Foreign Affairs from 2008 until now. Selling prices are now tens of millions. But I think, for vespa style ok but not for functional. Yesterday , someone interest buy this Vespa tens of millions, but not give by Deeba’s father.. Moreover, If this vespa motor and brush in the water but more expensive price.
.This is Vespa Deeba father.

Before modif

Quoted in the article about vespa web
QSkuter Vespa Tua Bali Tembus Pasar Internasional Vespa Old QSkuter Bali through the International Market Vespa Kongo, the price reach Rp 25 million
Kuta. It also disclosed Abdul Azis, 38, owner of AJS Vespa Motor Road Kuta.. According to him, the old age of the machine, the more expensive the selling value. Also described by Azis, the price of a motorcycle vespa modification generally vary from Rp 2,5-35 million, depending on the type and levelrare. "The old year production, the more expensive the price. But also seen from the condition and orisinilitas," he said to KabarIndonesia.

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